5Gおよびモバイルネットワークインフラのリサーチサービス – 年間サービス

5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure Research Service

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ABIリサーチの年間サービス「5Gおよびモバイルネットワークインフラリサーチサービス – 5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure Research Service」は 5Gとモバイルネットワークインフラに関する市場情報を1年を通じて提供しています。


ABI Research’s 5G and Mobile Network Infrastructure market intelligence delivers end-to-end coverage on access networks and enabling technologies, as well as the data traffic flowing across these networks.

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タイトル 出版時期 形式
5G-Advanced and the Road to 6G
Research Analysis | 2Q 2022 | AN-5549


屋内、屋外、IoTネットワークインフラのマーケットデータ 2022年第2四半期
Indoor, Outdoor, and IoT Network Infrastructure
Market Data | 2Q 2022 | MD-INFR-106


Open RAN Platforms
Competitive Assessment | 1Q 2022 | CA-1324
2022年1月 分析レポート(PDF)
5G mmWave Market Developments
出版:ABI Research(ABIリサーチ)
2021年11月 分析レポート(PDF)
FWA Operator Strategies: 4G, 5G, mmWave and Alternative Technologies
Application Analysis Report | 4Q 2021 | AN-5313
2021年10月 分析レポート(PDF)
Network Technology and Market Tracker
Market Data | 4Q 2021 | MD-NWMT-105
2021年10月 マーケットデータ(EXCEL)
Clarifying the Role and Relationships of Passive and Active Antennas and Their Innovation Roadmaps
Report | 3Q 2021 | WP-WNGH-184IoT
2021年第3四半期 調査レポートPDF
Market Tracker: 5G
Data | 3Q 2021 | MD-IOTM5G-1095G
2021年第3四半期 マーケットデータ(EXCEL)
Transport Solutions for Telco Data Centers
Application Analysis Report | 3Q 2021 | AN-5488
2021年第3四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Indoor Market Developments for Public Safety Networks
Technology Analysis Report | 3Q 2021 | AN-5101
2021年第3四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Cellular Base Station Antenna Market
Competitive Ranking Report | 2Q 2021 | CA-1326
2021年第2四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
RAN Automation and RIC
Application Analysis Report | 2Q 2021 | AN-5472
2021年第2四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Service Provider Strategies in Saturated Broadband Markets: FWA and Hybrid Strategies
Application Analysis Report | 2Q 2021 | AN-5442
2021年第2四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Fixed Wireless in the 5G Era
Application Analysis Report | 2Q 2021 | AN-5477
2021年第2四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
LEO Satellite Constellations and Broadband Access Implications
Application Analysis Report | 2Q 2021 | AN-5464
2021年第2四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Transformational Technology Summit: 5G Deployment Strategies For Fixed Wireless Access in Asia
Webinar Recording | 1Q 2021 | PT-2515
2021年第1四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Transformational Technology Summit: The Value Proposition for Open Cellular Networks
Webinar Recording | 1Q 2021 | PT-2501
2021年第1四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Transformational Technology Summit: How LEO, MEO and GEO Satellites Can Augment Mobile Networks
Webinar Recording | 1Q 2021 | PT-2497
2021年第1四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
6G Standards and Market Developments
Application Analysis Report | 1Q 2021 | AN-5396
2021年第1四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Cellular Base Station Designs: From Vertical Integration to Modular Approach
Application Analysis Report | 1Q 2021 | AN-5298
2021年第1四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
RF Power Semiconductor Devices for Mobile Wireless Infrastructure
Application Analysis Report | 1Q 2021 | AN-5292
2021年第1四半期 分析レポート(PDF)
Indoor, Outdoor, and IoT Network Infrastructure
Data | 1Q 2021 | MD-INFR-105
2021年第1四半期 マーケットデータ(EXCEL)

Our extensive coverage, which includes data, trend, and forecast reports, focuses on cellular network components ranging from antennas, base stations, and access points to front-haul and back-haul. We aim to provide technology implementers with authoritative insight into the innovative technology deployments for indoor and outdoor networks operating under both licensed and unlicensed spectrums, including 4G, 5G, massive MIMO, distributed antenna systems, carrier aggregation, new waveforms, and modulation schemes. Our research coverage also addresses the migration to software-driven, virtualized and open network architectures.

Coverage areas include:

  • Mobile telecom trackers with 4G and 5G focus
  • Outdoor and indoor networks including macrocells and small cells
  • Advanced RAN technologies such as massive MIMO, virtual RAN slicing, multi-connectivity
  • 5G issues including economic, substitutes, regulatory, new business models
  • In-building systems including DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • RF power semiconductors for pulsed applications
  • Detailed spectrum analysis for 5G networks, sub-6G to mmWave, including regional disparities

Answers To Today’s 5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure Questions
We help technology providers, partners, and end users answer the most pressing questions about 5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure, including:

  • When and how will 5G be deployed?
  • Will it create new business opportunities, or will it offer higher speeds?
  • What does 4G still have to offer? Will Gigabit LTE change this?
  • When will mobile service providers spend more CAPEX on 5G vs 4G?
  • Which world region will lead 5G deployments, and why?
  • How can vendors sell carrier grade equipment to verticals directly?
  • What are immediate opportunities?
  • How will next-generation networks scale to accommodate new use cases?
  • How will the heterogeneous nature of tomorrow’s telco networks affect my business operations?
  • What parts of existing networks can support 5G, and what needs to be upgraded?
  • What will fixed wireless access deployments look like, and what are their business cases?
  • What barriers face 5G indoor deployments, including alternatives of Wi-Fi and WiGig?
  • How can telcos survive by building capacity with inexpensive small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS)?
  • How can my company best leverage 5G for competitive advantages?
  • What is the best way to wirelessly connect my company’s enterprise locations?
  • What opportunities should I target beyond the traditional mobile operator circle?
  • What does 5G bring for IoT that NB-IoT and CAT-M cannot?



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